Businesses need a video marketing strategy — this idea isn’t new. What has changed is how important video has become on every platform and channel. It’s no longer just one piece of your overall plan. Video needs to play a central role in your outreach and campaign efforts.

Are you ready to start creating video content as part of your marketing strategy?

Videos Are No Longer Optional!

Video is here, and it’s here to stay. Consider this: A Facebook’s executive predicted that the platform will be all video in less than five years. And while a focus on optimizing your content for Google is a smart play for any marketer, you’re missing out if you’re not considering how to get found on the world’s second largest search engine — YouTube.

According to the report from HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers want to see videos from brands they support in comparison to email newsletters (46%) or social image (41%) based content.

Videos are the No. 1 way to showcase your brand to your customers. They help you stand out among the crowd. Plus, they allow you to build an emotional connection with your audience and transmit the feel, tone, and details of your brand in 60 seconds or less.

We are not going to bore you with the reasons you should be using video in your content marketing, we will simply let these stunning statistics speak for themselves.

1. Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than those who don’t use video. (Aberdeen)

2. Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines and 62% of Google searches include video. (Brightcove)

If you are not using video on your site, a large percentage of you target market is not finding you during online searches, which means there is a good chance they are going to your competitors. Video helps prospects find your site by boosting your Google rank.

3. According to Brightcove, 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that publishes a poor quality video.

Despite demand, resist the urge to just slap some video content up on your site. Develop a plan and make the effort to create a professional, polished video that viewers will enjoy and remember. You want to be memorable for the right reasons, not for having a terrible video.

4. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. (Unbounce) And, homepage videos increase conversions by 20% or more. (Visually)

This one is pretty straightforward: if you are looking for bigger conversion rate, start using video on your web pages. Try A/B testing a landing page with video versus one without.

5. Video in an email leads to 200% increase in click-through rates. (Hyperfine Media/

It might not be that your subject matter is not interesting, but busy people often prefer a quick video to grab their attention rather than text.

6. 87% of online marketers use video content. (Hyperfine Media/

At this point, if you are not using some form of video, you are in the minority and are at a disadvantage compared to those who are. It is time to step up your video marketing initiatives.

7. Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year over year than those organizations without video. (Aberdeen)

The bottom line in business is to gain customers, increase sales, and make money. This number gives you clear insight into one of the best ways to make that happen.

8. Per Insivia, 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process.

Echoing the takeaway above, if you want increased interest and sales, use video to illuminate the benefits of your product or service.

9. One third of all online activity is spent watching video. (Hyperfine Media/

While firm numbers are difficult to pin down, the average person spends around 20 hours a week online (OfCom), which means more than 6 of those hours are spent consuming video. Even the more modest stats of around 8-10 hours a week would still mean that more than 2 hours a week is spent watching videos. If those numbers don’t open your eyes, what will?

10. When it comes to Millennials, 74% find videos helpful when shopping and 60% would rather watch a video than read a newsletter. (Animoto)

Take a look at your ideal client and buyer personas. If you are trying to reach the “internet generation” then video is imperative to your success.

11. According to Visible Measures, 20% of viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer; 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% will stop by 2 minutes.

We all know that people are busy and have short attention spans, so in order for video marketing to be effective it must grab viewers’ attention immediately and hold onto it. Get your message out quickly and efficiently.

If you do not currently use video in your content marketing strategy, it is time to re-evaluate your plans and goals. The numbers tell the story and it is easy to see that video will have huge impact on your success rate.

Has your small business invested in online video? Why or why not? I’d love to hear your feedback – send me a message with your thoughts or questions.

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