Studies show that the average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day. Due to the information overload, people nowadays have an attention span that’s even shorter than a goldfish’s! For video, that means you often have just a few seconds to grab viewers’ attention and hold it.

Find out how to craft an appealing video content and capture your audience’s interest in the first 10 seconds (or less)!

1. Place the message that resonates to their problem.

As a consumer, your target buyer faces particular problems and issues to get his or her purchase needs fulfilled, whether it is a product or service quality, price, availability, options, or other. As a product or service provider, you need to make sure you have acknowledged their needs, purchase preferences, problems and challenges they face to be able to offer a solution that will help your target buyers achieve their purchase goals.

Use this knowledge to place the messages that resonate to the problems and challenges your target buyers face and then offer them your service or product as a solution to their problems. Create an environment where potential clients see you as helpful, and you’ve won the first battle on the road to winning them over.

2. Explain your product or service as a solution to their problem.

If you have less experience with online marketing and video marketing, you might want to use all the means to say as much as possible about your business. But it’s important to keep in mind how quickly a user will switch off from being bombarded with information that isn’t necessary for them to hear or read.

Video can be a fantastic solution to this problem! It is not only an interesting way to get a lot of information across; it is also a lot more concise. It can also bring out an emotional response more easily than a more practical explanation, list of facts or bullet points.

Sometimes the best hook is just letting potential clients know you’re the kind of business they need. But remember, don’t be too salesy or too comprehensive with information about your business. You need to offer your product or service as a solution to their problem, and if they want to learn more, include a link to your website or an email for them to contact you.

3. Create curiosity and excitement.

Create a sense of mystery, with a hint of urgency, and bam! You’ve got yourself a recipe for excitement. Your people will be saying “Hey, can you tell me more about your product, your company, etc.?” faster than your bank account can grow!

Did you know that there is one fatal mistake that so many marketers out there make? They constantly post pictures of their product, and repeat the name of their company. That makes them sound like an infomercial channel, and let’s be honest — nobody likes those!

Think of your video as a preview of a movie you like. What are the producers giving you in those few minutes, and what are they keeping a secret? They give you bits of information in order to pique your curiosity, and excite you to go see the movie. But they keep the ending to themselves.

4. Tell a story.

Using the storytelling technique to tell the story behind your brand is a very powerful move to raise the engagement and the bond with your target audience. Use your videos to tell a story about your brand, your product or service or about your users. Be creative and put together a storyline that will communicate your brand messages and resonate to your target buyer’s needs, problems and challenges.

  • Firstly, video content has the amazing ability to generate different emotions. There’s a scientific explanation behind that. Read through this explanation on why video content generates such strong emotions.
  • Secondly, we all want to hear new stories and learn new things every day. This is another fact why we – as consumers- connect so perfectly with the storytelling technique.
  • Thirdly, by “storytelling” your brand you are fully adapting to basic human nature: as humans, we think in narrative structures, and in the pattern of storytelling, “thought” and “language” also go together.
  • Additionally, stories are illustrative and easily remembered, much more than a list of facts or events.

Online video really should be seen as an opportunity to visually tell a story; show your audience something they won’t be able to see anywhere else. If you can craft a hook that promises a story, that “once upon a time” feeling will hold viewers hoping to find out what happened.

PRO TIP: Since you’ve only got a few seconds to get your viewer invested in your video, skip the logo and get straight into your content. Don’t forget, most of your videos will play in a social media post that includes your name and logo, so people will still see your brand even if it’s not in the beginning of your video.

Do you have a video with a great hook? We’d love to see it! Share your experience or questions, we’re happy to help!

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