Television News videos are some of the most effective and powerful videos a business can use to increase customers trust in their products and services and authority as a leader in your field. Being featured or interviewed in a newscast story can give the impression of being an expert in your given area. At Media Expert Video, all our Tampa, Florida based staff has experience in multiple facets of the television news industry from videography and editing, to writing, producing and directing. Our team has done it all, and can use our experience to create effective, engaging, and entertaining videos for your business.

Most news stories are twenty seconds to two and a half minutes in length, given the short amount of time to communicate a message, thorough pre-production, story boarding and writing are critical. The stories are then crafted using interviews and visuals going into post production to create a polished finished story.

Media Expert Video is the leader in TV news related videos, contact us today at (727) 483-0348 or at the form below to start on yours!

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