sports video production

Media Expert Video has decades of experience in producing both live and recorded sporting events in Tampa, Florida. We have worked on every major professional, collegiate and high school sport. Our crews have covered Super Bowls, World Series, Stanley Cup Championships, CFP National Championships, and State High School Championship games. Sports videography is one of our specialties!

We can produce: games for live coverage, game films for teams, and individual highlight reels for players. Covering sports for us is much more than just pointing a camera at the action. Telling the story of the game, the emotions behind it, the intensity, and drama unfold before you. There is a story behind every player, coach and support staff.

Our Tampa, FL staff goes beyond just the camera’s lens, we have an intricate knowledge of the games, the rules and how to anticipate where and when the drama and big plays will occur. We don’t miss a thing, and neither will you.

If you are ready to find out more about our sports video production services, call us today (727) 483-0348 or use the form below for a FREE consultation.

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