Pretty soon, nobody will bother reading or writing anything online as the internet becomes totally submerged by the medium of moving pictures.

If Facebook foresees a video-centric future, citing the power of short storytelling as a primary factor, then you better take note and get on the broadcast bandwagon, because it’s increasingly likely that your competitors will start favoring film to get ahead.

Why Videos Became so Popular on Social Media?

A few years back, images were the most dominant type of content shared on Facebook. Just in a year or two, the number of images shared has fallen down drastically.

One reason for this change could be the change in Facebook’s algorithm that gives preference to its own video player when determining what content to show in people’s news feeds. Similarly, Twitter has come up with a “top ten videos” section where it shows relevant video tweets.

It is obvious that social media giants are preferring videos over other content formats. So if you want to regularly pop up in people’s newsfeeds, you better go heavy on video!

Tips to Leverage the Social Video Trend

1. Go Live

There’s a big boom in live social broadcasting, with Twitter-owned Periscope leading the way last year and Facebook Live taking the world by storm right now.

TIP: Consumers, followers and fans are flattered when given the chance to have a sneak, behind-the-scenes peek into your world, and live comments offer a chance to create a two-way conversation between brand and audience. This type of interaction with your target audience can only bolster brand loyalty.

2. Optimize your social video for autoplay

Facebook has been heavily concentrating on videos for quite some time now. To compete with Youtube, they had to come up with something innovative. The greatest challenge was to make people click the play button. They solved this issue by coming up with ‘Autoplay’. While scrolling through the newsfeed, videos automatically start playing if people stop at one. The videos are played without sound unless the user decides to click on it. Thus it never directly affected the user experience, especially in public places.

However, if it’s not interesting, people will continue scrolling down and will not click on your video to see and hear what the video is all about.

TIP: This means that your video has to capture user’s attention in the first 10 seconds, and don’t forget to use subtitles as 85% of social videos are seen in silent mode!

3. Optimize social video ads for mobile

Video ads are making a kill in social media advertizing. Even the biggest names in online marketplaces, including Amazon and eBay, report that adding a video ad to a product description increases the chances of a shopper buying that item by up to 35%.

Keep in mind that the viewership of videos is greater on mobile than on any desktop devices. 88% of short videos (30 sec or less) are watched on mobile.

TIP: Using vertical video for ads increases reach by over 150%. Vertical videos stand out because more than 90% of social media traffic is mobile traffic. You can save thousands of dollars from social video ads by using vertical videos!

4. Make the most out of Stories

Facebook has ripped off the Story feature from Snapchat and has reproduced it in all its apps – from Instagram to Facebook messenger and even Whatsapp. The engagement rates are extremely high, especially on Instagram. Many believe that this will be the end of Snapchat, but whatever may be, it’s important that you come up with creative stories.

TIP: Go all out on the stories feature! Post at least 1 story a day to keep your followers engaged. Use Stories to introduce your audience to your hardworking team, your production process, team building events, or just show off your creative skills. Give tips, ask questions, use polls – there are no limits!

5. Keep your video short and sweet

There’s lots of debate over the perfect length for online videos, but you can definitely tell a story, create intrigue, entertain or inform your audience in less than 60 seconds. The key thing is to be very clear in your messaging: Don’t try to say too much.

TIP: A great tactic to drive social traffic to your site is to upload a snappy “highlights” version of your video and provide a link to the full-length version on your website. As with any form of inbound marketing, it’s a bit like fishing–set your bait and reel them in.

6. Hashtag it!

If you don’t want to pay for sponsored video ads, you can still leverage “old school” social media tactics and #HashtagYourWayToSuccess by latching onto popular phrases and trending topics, as long as your content is topical and relevant in some way.

TIP: Try using Rite Tag to see which hashtags work best for your business and audience.

7. Leverage the power of VR videos

Virtual reality is a new video trend which is gaining a lot of momentum in social media channels. According to Facebook, people have watched more than 1 million hours of video on the Samsung gear VR.

Once Virtual Reality becomes more available to the public, we will see a bigger boom in video content. It could be the final blow for images and gifs.

TIP: Virtual Reality videos are only a rising trend. You can easily race past your competition by adopting this trend early on. Remember, early adopters eat 90% of the pie!

Now it’s your turn! Try out these tips and see how your brand engagement soars on social media!

If you have any questions or not sure where to start, get in touch for a FREE consultation!

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