The importance of visual content has been re-emphasized by the changes that occurred across almost every major social network, including Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. At the same time, videos have become powerful tools for brands looking to communicate more easily with their audiences.

To help you keep pace with these trends, let’s take a look at some marketing statistics that demonstrate the impact visual content has on reach, engagement, and sales.

1) 37% of marketers said visual marketing was the most important form of content for their business, second only to blogging (38%).

2) 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing, ahead of blogs (68%) and videos (60%).

3) When people read information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a video presents that same information, people retained 70% of the information three days later.

4) B2C marketers place greater importance on visual content than B2B marketers.

5) 51% of B2B marketers prioritized creating visual content assets.

6) Video content currently represents more than 70% of all internet traffic.

7) Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019.

8) 76.5% of marketers and small business owners who have used video marketing say it had a direct impact on their business.

9) 34% of B2C marketers say pre-produced videos are critical to content marketing success.

10) 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.  

11) More than 60% of marketers and small business owners said they planned increased investment in video marketing in 2018.

12) 62% of B2B marketers rated videos as an effective content marketing tactic.

13) Using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

14) According to the HubSpot survey, 43% of consumers want to see more video content.

15) 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound.

16) Facebook users watch 8 billion videos per day.

17) Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos per day.

18) Videos under five minutes in length account for 55% of total video consumption time on smartphones.

19) The equivalent of 110 years of live video is watched on Periscope every day.

20) 85% of adults consume content on multiple devices at the same time.

How do you plan to incorporate more visual and interactive content into your marketing strategy? Share your thoughts or questions with us.

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