If you spend any amount of time online, it’s almost impossible to avoid videos. Videos are an extremely effective way of communicating with and engaging people, so it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are trying to figure out what role video will play in their own marketing mix.

Read on to find out how you can use video to boost customers’ engagement.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

✓ Videos help convert people into paying customers.

Customers that watch videos of products or services are 85% more likely to make a purchase.

✓ Videos come up in search.

More than one billion unique visitors visit YouTube each month.

✓ Videos are being viewed on mobile devices.

From smart phones to tablets to desktops, we’re a plugged-in society and rarely far from a screen.

✓ Videos are easily shared.

68% of viewers share video links.

✓ Videos are “quick.”

Not everyone has the time to read a ton of text when they’re looking for specific information.

What Makes For Good Videos?

✓ Customer testimonials
✓ Tutorials and product demos
✓ Virtual tours (for real estate)
✓ Behind-the-scenes
✓ Introductions
✓ Pop culture references
✓ Speaking events

How to Use Videos to Boost Customers’ Engagement?

✓ Post them on your website home page
✓ Use them on your landing page
✓ Use them on your blog
✓ Upload them on YouTube
✓ Share them throughout social media
✓ Add them to your email newsletters
✓ Add a link to your email signature


Video content is more effective at engaging, converting, and closing than pretty much any other type of content. So if you want to reach those big goals, the most effective way might well be with video. But if you can’t do it yourself, you’ll need our help!

Creating video is a tricky process that takes the right people and the right processes to be successful. If you don’t have those things in-house, you need to source them from elsewhere.

By working with Media Expert Video Agency, you gain access to outside experts. You get to collaborate with experienced professionals who bring expertise and ingenuity to the project.

Planning a video content and its distribution campaign normally takes time to get things done right, but you don’t want to wait until your competitors take over customers’ attention and make you look like the “old news”.

Get in touch today for free consultation with our expert team: (727) 483-0348

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