Whenever a new app or technology is released, big brands are among the first to experiment with it – and to start creating new content with it. That’s because they are constantly competing for their audience’s attention – and often by the most innovating and engaging means possible.

And right now, that means creating video content.

Several brands skyrocketed their online success through the potent power of videos, so let’s see what is their secret to success and what are they doing right.

1. Taco Bell

TacoBell has been using video as part of their digital marketing strategy since 2011, and Facebook is driving 92% of their video views.

They post short videos on Facebook accompanied with some fun, taco-focused posts. For them, this strategy works great. One of their most popular videos on Facebook generated 49 million views – 21 million in just the first 30 days!

What are they doing right?

A quick scroll through the Taco Bell’s Instagram page or Twitter feed and it’s clear who they are targeting. The fast food company have defined their youth-based demographic and has found a way to appeal to them through the witty and unapologetically sarcastic sense of humor. The company understands that to create a relationship with their audience, they have to channel more human-centered marketing approach.

2. Airbnb

Airbnb is a master at using data from their extensive user base to create highly targeted, viral-worthy marketing campaigns. This is why Airbnb’s popularity knows no bounds on social media.

They did this by making the effective use of all the video-friendly social platforms. Using storytelling at its finest, they started a ‘Daily Kindness Bulletin’, a YouTube show that highlighted positive stories and was “guaranteed to make your day a little more cheerful”. One of its most watched video, ‘Never a Stranger’, was viewed 6.9 million times!

What are they doing right?

Most of their successful campaigns revolve around creating a homely experience for their customers. It’s very benefit-oriented. Each one is carefully shot, edited and paired with the perfect music to warm even the coldest hearts. Don’t go on and on about your product features, show them through videos how your product will make their life better.

3. RedBull

From creating highly-popular and engaging Facebook videos to entertaining millions of visitors on YouTube, RedBull has leveraged every video platform known to mankind successfully.

One of its most popular Facebook videos “Red Bull Creepers,” has over 73 million views and 1.3 million engagements.

On YouTube, they are the undisputed winners. According to video ad tech company Unruly, Red Bull was the most shared video brand of 2016 on YouTube with over 300 million views per video!

What are they doing right?

The secret behind their overwhelming success is in the constant stream of videos and a great mix of quantity and quality video content. Today, Red Bull can be considered a media company as well as an energy drink brand. That’s why it is currently uploading 174 videos a month that are generating 183 million monthly views. Now, that’s not just a successful video marketing strategy. It’s also a dramatically different way to monetize videos than selling advertising.

Don’t just make one video and think your work is done. You need to create and upload videos on a consistent basis. Only then your audience will engage with you and your efforts will pay off. Experiment with different formats and when a certain concept starts to click with your audience, start creating variations of it and post it online.

You can do it, too!

These brands had the foresight to make video an essential part of their digital marketing campaigns and this paid off big time. They’re now considered giants of the online world.

Include the video content in your marketing plan right away and get an edge over your rivals. Learn from the giants!

If you’re new in video marketing and not sure where to start, get in touch for a FREE consultation at (727) 483-0348.

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