A rather understated and often neglected aspect in any video production process is the use of B-Roll. A B-Roll holds the capability to make your video or footage more captivating and professional. But if you are a newbie in the filmmaking business or just curious to know more about the filmmaking process, then lets first start with the introduction of B-Roll? So what exactly a B-Roll is, what role it plays in the video production and what the common mistakes filmmakers made regarding B-Roll are?

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What Is B-Roll?

Basically, B-Roll is the additional accompanying video material apart from the mainframe or A-roll footage in a documentary, commercial or a fiction film. B-Roll is generally footage of significant places, surroundings, and/or events to make your main shot more enchanting and captive.

Example of what a B-Roll Clip is.

B-Roll footage is more commonly known as the safety footage as it supplements the story and allows the viewers to get detail visual information. For instance, if you shot the moments which are perfect for the audio but not quite suitable for video, then B-Roll footage will add a mask to the original video and cover the leggings. Moreover, B-Roll footage will also help cover all kind of errs, lags, and pauses in the audio track.

Importance Of B Roll In The Video Production Process

Well, we get what a B-Roll is. But why the video production world is obsessing over this word? And why is it getting all the attention? So here are some of the features that make this additional supplementary shot extremely significant.

  • Viewers’ Engagement:

In most of the documentaries, commercials, and corporate videos where the speaker is describing a subject, viewer’s loss of interest is a common thing. If the viewers do not find video relative in the first few minutes, they lose their interest immediately. A B-Roll shot offers the video a bit of life to engage the viewer till last.

  • Error And Gap Coverage:

Av footage offers great assistance to ace up the makers’ sleeves. Yes, you heard it right, a B-Roll would cover all the gaps and the errors in the video to make it look perfect. So no matter whether there is a noise in the background or the speaker gets distracted by a fly in the shot, a B-Roll will always cover the problems.

  • Skip The Story And Focus On The Show:

As we have mentioned earlier, in most of the documentaries and the commercials, the main focus is on the marketing of a certain product or service. So instead of letting a speaker speak for 2 minutes and make viewers less interested, why not to show them what the product is capable of? The more viewers see, the more they get convinced.

B-Roll Mistakes To Avoid

Taking into consideration the significance of B-Roll, they are in massive demand in the video production world. However, in spite of their demand, there are certain mistakes done by the video makers that diminish the charm of a B-Roll. If you are in a video production business and want to create some highly engaging videos, then you have to avoid these mistakes.

  • The Shooting Of Short Shots:

It might seem a normal thing, but in the video production world, it is a sin not to shoot a long-ish B-Roll shot. It is a fact that the whole video production process is a lot like running and gunning and as far as B-Roll is concerned, nobody actually pays enough attention to the length. But let us make it clear to you that you if you shoot B-Roll footage too short, then it is not as valuable.

  • Absence Of Entrance Or Exit In A Shot:

Never opt for a static shot while shooting B-Roll footage and dear reader we mean it. To make your shot more appealing and alive, choose to add slides, dollies, focusses, and reveals. You can either choose to start a shot from left or right or from above or below but never decide to start right from where you want the main focus.

  • Lack of style options:

Once you have added a start or end move, try to focus on some more moves including the pan and rack focuses. Often the videographers forget the main job of a B-Roll, i.e. to fill the gaps in the mainframe or to cover-up errors or to add more drama. Use of various moves in the B-Roll could add the required drama and life in a rather boring and straight shot.

  • Use Of Flat Background:

Never use your camera as a recording device to capture the B-Roll. There is a huge difference between capturing a shot and shooting high-quality B-Roll. Using a flat background without adding any composition would make your B-Roll a waste of time only. What we want to say here is that videos are meant to made artistically. Choose your background and foregrounds wisely to craft a high-quality video with surprising and captivating video effects.

  • One Depth Of Field Only:

Sometimes the videographer forgets to pay attention to the use of depth of the field or DOF. For most of them, DOF is just a mere reaction to the environment and thus need no attention. Well, it could be a deadly mistake for your footage. Using a composition of shallow and deep fields could add more elements in your video.

Here again, we want to remind you of the fact that these types of supplementary video clips make the video you are producing more captivating and engaging, and if they lose the main focus, they are of no use.

So, what are your views about the use of B-Roll in the video making process? Does what we explained today make sense to you? What another common mistake can you point out when it comes shooting this footage? Please let us know in the comment section below!

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