Advertising Video Production

Online video advertisements are much like traditional commercials you would see on tv, but usually condensed to much shorter versions.

The typical TV commercial is 30 seconds long, but can sometimes be one or two minutes, and the longer infomercials are twenty-two to thirty minutes in length.

For online advertisements, there are three different types of advertisements. Linear video ads, non-linear video ads, and companion ads. These ads can be three seconds to thirty seconds in length.

Linear videos ads play before, in the middle of, and at the end of the video content being viewed.  The way these ads are presented are very similar to what you would see on tv.

Non-linear video ads run at the same time as the content, so the viewer will see the ad while viewing the content.

Companion ads are comprised of rich media or skins that wrap around the video, display ads, and text ads.

Media Expert video produces all lengths and types of online video ads for your product or business.

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