No doubt, making a video is easier than ever before. You don’t need to have a huge bag for all the cameras, lenses, and other equipment. All you need to get started is simply to take out your smartphone and start shooting.

Mobile videography is an everyday task for all; people love capturing video from their smartphones. Thanks you to the wonderful world of Tech that has given us such an amazing convenience.

Everything is now easily accessible and at your fingertips: white balance, lighting, exposure, and more. But do you still think your mobile videography skills are not enough to produce quality video for your business? Do you think you your techniques could still be improved?

If this is you, fret no more! Here some mobile videography tips that you must know in 2019 to produce quality video and stand out amongst the rest.

6 Mobile Videography Tips You Need To Know To Shoot Successful Smartphone Videos for your Business

  1. Always Shoot Mobile Videos For a Social Media Platform:

Do you want to shoot a video to post on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat? If yes, then it is recommended to shoot vertically aka in portrait mode. The reason is, people love to watch videos shot vertically on mobile devices because it takes us the entire screen on the phone, focusing the user’s attention solely to the video. Mobile users hold their phones in the upright position 94% of the time, so if you are targeting your audience on mobile devices, try shooting in portrait mode.

Awesome Statistic: According to Snapchat, advertisers report the completion rates of their vertical video ads as 9 times higher than their horizontal video ads!

TIP for shooting videos vertically: In previous years, it was odd and unusual to shoot videos vertically. And still, there are times when it is not conducive to use this shooting method so be careful with this method! If shooting for TV, YouTube, Vimeo, or other desktop displays, consider shooting horizontally aka landscape mode.

  • Avoid Shaky Footage:

This is the most important to be considered. It never matters whether you shoot a video from your high-end camera or a smartphone, shaky footage is something nobody likes, and it takes even a professional video to a shallow-quality video. To avoid shaking, there are various methods out of which using optical image stabilization.

Tip: Amazon sells some awesome smartphone tripods to help with image stabilization. Here is one with a Bluetooth remote that we like for under $20 USD.

mobile videography tripod
  • Stay On Top Of Your Audio Game:

Audio is the most crucial aspect of mobile videography. Unclear sound can make your video low-quality even if the content is of top-notch. But when you invest in high-quality audio equipment, like a microphone, you can easily ace up videography game.

Lapel aka Lavaliere Microphones are great supplements to smartphone audio. Amazon is also an inexpensive place to start looking for mics to support your smartphone audio.

Tip: If you are using a newer model iPhone, make sure that you phone has the proper cable jack input option or purchase a Bluetooth mic.

  • Keep The Background Simple:

You should avoid filming anywhere. Put some efforts to use a simple and good background or can improve by removing as much clutter as you can. Maybe you can opt for solid-colored backgrounds. For example, a backdrop paper, or a bedsheet. Always try to keep yourself a few feet away from the subject. The thing is to minimize elements to get a more beautiful and decent background.

  • Apply cinematographic techniques:

If you want to have a truly professional-looking video, then you can incorporate a mix of basic camera movements that will not only enhance storytelling but will keep the viewers interested. You can apply various cinematographic techniques to bring your mobile videography to the next level to keep the audience engaged. However, the techniques you choose, most probably depend on the level of a person’s creativity and how he represents the scene.

Ask us what our favorite cinematographic techniques are! We’d love to be a resource for you!

  • Shoot To Edit:

The last but not the least tip of the day is: shoot to edit. Simply put, this means you should always think like an editor when filming. While capturing video, you may want to record several angles for safety shots so that you will have choices to choose from in the post-production editing process. This will not save you time up front, but time otherwise spent on reshooting or extensive editing.

We hope these tips and tricks to shooting mobile video will help you understand the essential mobile videography know-hows for 2019.

If you found this helpful and use our tips and tricks please share your smartphone video with us so we can share it with our audience too!

Reach out to us at Media Expert Video, a Tampa Video Production company, for more information on producing the best quality video for your business.

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