Creating a short and compelling marketing video is a great idea for any business. However, to get the best results from your videos, you will need to optimize them for search engines.

Here are some SEO video optimization tips to help you.

  1. Put your target keyword in the file name of your video. Google’s search engines give the most weight to keywords which appear in prominent places like titles and URLs,. By putting your main keyword in your file name, it becomes part of your URL, so its effectiveness is doubled.
  2. Include primary keywords in the body of your script. Choose one or two keywords that you want to optimize for, and use them in an organic way. If you want to target consumers in a specific or targeted geographic area, be sure to include the city/state with your keywords.
  3. Make sure your video content is relevant to the products and services you offer to customers. Search engine algorithms take into consideration the relevance of the videos content.
  4. Post your videos in as many places as possible. Having videos on your website is a great start, sharing them on social media will get more value from them and increase your visibility. Post it on YouTube, Vimeo and all of your social media sites.
  5. When you post your video on social media sites, make sure to include your chosen keyword in the meta description of the video.
  6. Allow your videos to be rated on YouTube. By doing so, the video can receive high ratings, and become more visible to search engines. It can also help to encourage viewers to share your video.
  7. When you post the video to your website, be sure to include a written transcript beneath the video, in the description area. Making sure to include local keywords relevant to your area. Not only will this give you another mention of your primary keywords, it will also increase conversions locally.
  8. Create an RSS feed for your videos. Adding an RSS feed for your videos will make it easier for search engines and news aggregators to index your site.
  9. Create individual landing pages for each video on your website. Search engines read individual pages more easily, having multiple videos on one page can be confusing for visitor to your website as well.
  10. Encourage others to share your videos. By making it possible for others to embed your videos on their websites and social media, you increase the chances you will get relevant inbound links – a must for SEO.

A well-produced video, that is optimized to rank well in the search engines will increase your authority status, educate your target audience, and boost your bottom line as a result.

For more tips and ideas about creating videos that get noticed and convert viewers into customers, call us for free consultation today! (727) 483-0348

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